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Live Edition of Slackware 15.0 (64-bit stable): available here!

You will find ISO images for Slackware Live Edition, created by the latest version of liveslak, in the "latest" folder below. Check the README for more detail.
The "bonus" folder contains live modules that add multilib, contain Nvidia binary drivers, expand your Live OS with a set of audio creation software, et cetera.

Also worth while:
After every update of Slackware-current's ChangeLog.txt a Slackware Live ISO will automatically be generated based on the latest & greatest. You can download and run this Live ISO image if you want to test or debug the bleeding edge of Slackware. Get it from!
And a Live Edition of Slackware 15.0 (64-bit stable) is always available too.

Things to remember when you boot any liveslak based ISO:

Slackware Live does not log you on automatically!
This is a demonstration environment, with the purpose of getting you acquainted
with Slackware, remember? Therefore you will first see all these intimidating
kernel messages scrolling across the screen while booting the OS.
Then you need to login manually.

The Slackware Live Edition comes with two user accounts: user "root"
(with password "root") and user "live" (with password "live").
My advice is to login as user live and use "su" or "sudo" to get root access.

Note: the "sudo" command will ask for the "live" user's password!

Consult the documentation at:
for assistance with the various boot parameters you can use to tailor the
Live OS to your needs. The syslinux boot has help screens behind the
F2, F3, F4 and F5 function keys and the grub boot screen has a "help on
boot parameters" menu entry.
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